Welcome back! We're getting ready for a great Fall 2019.

About Us


Join us this Winter and Spring

Join us on Mondays and Tuesdays this Winter and Spring. We're in session from  January 14  through April 2.  Have a cup of coffee to keep you warm while you talk with others and have fun learning.


Improving Mind and Spirit through Learning and Fellowship.

We're inside the United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay and dedicated to making your time with us interesting, fun, and accessible.  Our mission is to provide a learning center for WFB older adults to meet, learn, and fellowship together.  Our vision is to provide a supportive atmosphere to allow the mind and spirit to flourish through learning and fellowship.  


Check our catalog of classes out!

Download your copy of our 2019  WINTER / SPRING Catalog of Classes and register for your favorite ones with us on home page.  

Our 2019 WINTER / SPRING Catalog

Check out the classes and register now!  You can just click on the link below to browse and download it.

Winter / Spring 2019 Catalogue (pdf)